Monday, August 01, 2011

Jaybird SB2 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones

In the past I've written about a number of things that make running easier and more fun (RunKeeper and ArmPocket SPORT i-20).  Today I will share my review of the Jaybird SB2 Bluetooth Headphones.  I got these last year after doing a fair bit of research on different options.  Previously, I had used a pair of wired sport earbuds, which often needed to be adjusted while running because the combination of the movement & sweat would shift them around.  Every now and then one of the wires would swing around and get stuck in my ponytail or hands, and sometimes even cause the earbud to fall out entirely.  Not to mention that the little space above my ears was getting mighty crowded, what with the sport earbud hooks, my sunglasses, and my cap!  Having a set of Bluetooth headphones seemed like a great way to deal with the problem of wires getting tangled while running, but since they are not exactly cheap, I wanted a set that were designed for fitness, that were likely to last even when getting a bit sweaty from time to time, and of course, they had to be stylin' as well!

The Jaybird SB2 Sportsband is all of these things, and then some.  With a LIFETIME sweat-proof warranty, I felt confident that they would withstand the rigours of a good workout.  They come in 9 different colours, each of them nicer than the last (I opted for the Runner's Red).  The controls are easy to operate as they are just silicone covered buttons over the right ear.  The top two control the tracks (next/previous) and the bottom two control the volume (up/down).  The center button turns the earphones on/off, and allow you to enter voice control mode on your iPhone.  The headphones expand to fit a range of head sizes but fit comfortably and don't require adjusting while exercising.  I use the smallest setting, but I know a couple of guys that have them and they just expand to fit perfectly.  They even fit nicely over my running ball cap.  They come with two spare pairs of foam earpiece covers, so you can swap them out while one set dries... or you can just save them as backup pairs for when your current pair wears out.  The audio quality is excellent on these headphones, which is important when you need your RunKeeper audio coaching prompts to come across clearly.

One thing I noticed is that the earpiece has little mesh fabric covers, presumably to help keep moisture out.  I only have one of these covers left as it has come detached from the earpiece itself (probably came off inside one of the foam pads at some point...).  It doesn't seem to interfere with the audio at all, and now I just make a point of removing the foam pads after exercising so that the moisture doesn't stay in contact with the earpieces.  My husband also has a pair of these headphones, and he loves his as much as I love mine.  He actually did have a situation where the battery stopped holding a charge (they charge using a simple USB cord) and he worked with the vendor to get a replacement pair, as the problem was covered under their lifetime sweat-proof warranty.  The replacement pair came fast and without any hassle, we were very pleased.

If you want to learn more about the Jaybird SB2 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones, go check out the information and selection on their website at  They sell for less than $100 at various online retailers.


  1. Hi there, just wondering if you had any issues getting these to stay on your head while running? I am also debating doing some yoga with whichever bluetooth headset I end up with, so I'm not too sure if they would stay on during that kind of semi-upside-down-ness? Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dayna, I've not had any issues at all getting them to stay on my head while running, and in fact I just did a Downward Dog with them on and they seem to be just fine like that as well too. My hair does seem to move them around a bit, so if I were to do more yoga with them on, I'd put my hair in a ponytail. Hope that helps!


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