Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby Deal Sites - Part 2

In my previous post I covered several baby/mom product deal sites, and today I will give you my thoughts on the rest (that I am aware of - this is by no means guaranteed to be a comprehensive list of all baby/mom deal sites!)

EcoBabyBuys: Each day there is a new Eco-friendly deal item added.  Often the deals run for several days so you have 3-5 deals to choose from when you shop.  I have not personally ordered from this site yet so I can't comment on the payment/shipping/customer service aspects.  They do post their new items at 9am EST and limit your buying to three of any given style (to prevent reselling).  They ship to the US and to Canada, and seem to have a great selection of items.  Some items they currently have or have recently had are : Fuzzibunz Reusable Feminine Pads ("mama cloth"), Laptop Lunches Bento Bundle Original and Bento Pack 2.0, and Organic Cotton Onesies & Tees.

Greenbabybargains: Another "Green" deal site, one deal per day, at 9am CST.  I have not personally ordered from this site so again I can't comment on their payment/shipping/customer service.  One interesting thing I noticed though is that they offer a rewards system, so you earn points with every dollar you spend, and the points convert to discounts/credits towards purchases from the site (300 points = $5 off, no word on exactly how much you have to spend to earn 300 points).  They accept credit cards and PayPal, and they ship to Canada & US.

KidSteals: Part of the Steal Network (which also includes BabySteals and ScrapbookSteals), they offer one product per day, at 9am PST (works out to 11am EST).  The products are, like on BabySteals, often popular brands, and are discounted up to 80%.  They also maintain an archive, which is great for shopping any leftovers of past deals.  They ship to Canada and the US, and their customer service is terrific!

Mamabargains: This site updates deals throughout the day, so there's almost always something new to grab at 40%-80% off retail prices.  They have some fantastic prices on products, but I find their shipping costs to be higher than some of the other sites (probably because a lot of their items are heavy or bulky items, like strollers, high chairs, baby furniture, etc.).  That said, they also sell lots of baby & kids clothes, hair accessories, shoes/boots, outerwear, and other smaller items.  They ship to Canada and the US, and accept credit cards for payment (no PayPal).  I have ordered from them before and found the shipping to be average (there's no such thing as fast AND cheap shipping from US to Canada...).

If I come across more deal sites, I'll put up a third post, but as of right now, these are the ones that come to mind.

Happy shopping!

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