Monday, July 04, 2011

Review: Mrs. Smith’s Elite Diaper Bag

It's a backpack, no wait, it's a shoulder bag, no wait, it's a cross-body baby-gear toting, shiny, convenient extravaganza!  Yes, this is a diaper bag.  But there's nothing cutesy or kitschy about it.  This bag is all about convenience, function, and space.  I no longer carry a purse and a diaper bag when I'm out with the little one(s), because everything I need fits in here (not to mention it's gorgeous!)

The bottom part is a fold-down flap that unzips to reveal a spacious structured (read: won't crush your stuff) compartment that has a divided drawer in it.  There is a big flap pocket on one side (perfect to hold a couple of Envirosax) and the other side has a smaller flap pocket (keeps my iPhone in a handy place) plus an elastic topped bottle holder which fits baby bottles, kids sippys, or even Mom's own water bottle (even my big clunky Contigo bottle from Costco!)

When you open the top (the big flap is closed with an adjustable hook & loop closure) the main bag compartment is zippered.  Inside there is a small zippered pocket (great for lady products or a mini first aid kit), 3 insulated pouches for bottles/sippys, one uninsulated pouch (will fit an Epipen according to their promotional brochure), and one wider hook & loop closure pouch that will hold a few disposable diapers & wipes.  Plus of course there is the space in the center (all the pockets/pouches are along the perimeter) and that's where baby's blanket, change of clothes, and your wallet/makeup bag can go.  I've also put in my Moby wrap, and my entire collection of Envirosax (on grocery day).  The last feature I feel I need to tell you about is the changing pad - it's included, and rolls up and fits into a pocket underneath the large flap.  Easy peasy to pull out with one hand when you're holding a poopy baby in the other hand.

Now because I cloth diaper, I've had to play with the configuration a bit to make everything fit.  I took out the divided drawer (I use it on my change table to hold cotton swabs, nail clippers, and baby hair clips, among other things) and I keep 3-4 rolled up pocket diapers + one wetbag in the compartment at the bottom.  One of the sippy pouches on the top holds 5-6 dry rolled up cloth wipes (or a Ziploc with a few wet cloth wipes if I'm going somewhere that doesn't have a convenient sink/faucet).  Baby's change of clothes are in a Ziploc bag at the bottom of the large open section, then a spare receiving blanket.  I use a Pouchee Purse Organizer to hold my wallet, lip balm, hand sanitizer, hairbrush, etc and that goes right on top of everything else so it's easy to access.

So the bag holds everything I need (with room to spare), but what makes it so convenient?  Well, for starters, it converts super easily from a shoulder/messenger bag (good for when you know you'll be picking it up and putting it down a lot), to a backpack (which is great when you're out doing lots of walking, or if baby's in the Moby wrap).  At the grocery store, I clip the bag to the cart using the backpack straps, which makes it completely hands free and does not take up space in the cart.  I can reach in for whatever I need, and I'm not weighed down with a bag as I zip up and down the aisles (with GroceryIQ in hand so I don't waste any time).

If you're in the market for a spacious bag that will have you covered for a day out, this is the one.  Yes, it's big, but it holds a ton, and is configured really well so that you never have to dig for stuff.  It doesn't come cheap, it seems to be around $130 new (I was lucky and got it for $60 on Baby Half Off), but it's a lovely and useful bag, and you won't be disappointed with it.  Go read more about the Elite (and check out the rest of their collection!) over at

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