Thursday, July 21, 2011

Armpocket SPORT i-20

I love to run.  I may be one of the slowest runners you'll ever meet, especially right now that I'm eager to run but my body is somewhat less co-operative, having just been put through the wringer with labour and childbirth (albeit a relatively simple, uncomplicated one), but I really enjoy my running.  One thing I definitely rely on to carry me through from the imaginary start line, out on my run, and back to my home is a place I can safely store my iPhone in order to a) enjoy some fast paced tunes along my running route and b) track my workout using RunKeeper (see my review on RunKeeper here).  I used to run with an iPod Shuffle, preloaded with all my favorite tunes, plus a Timex Bodylink system for heart rate monitoring, GPS, and recording purposes.  (Honestly at this point you'd think I was some hardcore runner.  Fact is I'm happy when I can knock off two 5K's a week...)  When I was introduced to RunKeeper (on an old HTC Touch, no less), I had to add another gadget to the collection.  Finally with the iPhone I can do everything except heart rate monitoring with a single device.  But it's not a cheap device, so I don't exactly feel good about the jostling, sweat-dripping, pavement-dropping potential dangers of taking it out on the road.

I researched a ton of armband type iPhone holders before finally getting this one, my husband has one too so I was able to try it out before I bought as well.  My favourite things about it are:
  •  the clear window so that you can see & interact with the phone while it is in the case
  • the extra pocket inside to hold keys, lip balm, cash, whatever you might need (as long as it fits into the space)
  • the padding that keeps your arm sweat from becoming sweat on your phone
  • the little stretchy fabric thing that holds your iPhone right up to the clear window
  • the fact that it comes in a bunch of bright fun colours
One thing I'm not super crazy about:
  • the armband itself, I find it sometimes needs to be adjusted a couple of times to stay tight.  But, it's never come undone, so I guess it could be a lot worse!  It's neoprene with a hook & loop style closure so perhaps it's the slight stretch in the material (or my upper arm jiggly bits) that keeps me from finding the perfect fit the first time I put it on
It is so convenient to be able to put the phone in, and know it's safe from both sweat and precipitation, and to be able to interact with it without having to take it out of the case.  I run with a pair of Bluetooth headphones so I don't have to worry about cables, but the Armpocket SPORT i-20 does have an opening for earphone cables to come out without compromising the water resistance of the case.

If you're looking for a durable, well-made, attractive, and functional case for your phone that will not break the bank, this could very well be it.  Check out more at

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