Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ana Silver Co Jewelry

Sometimes, as a mom, it can be challenging to look put together. There is only so much redeeming that a nice pair of shoes or a cute scarf can do. One thing I have found that helps a lot is jewelry. But, jewelry can be pricey, and if it's not, it usually looks cheap or childish, and it doesn't usually last very long. This is where the Ana Silver Co comes in. They make a TON of real sterling silver jewelry - pendants, chains, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Most, if not all, are made with some form of precious or semiprecious stones such as amethyst,aquamarine, moonstone, amber, or onyx. My personal favourites have to be Rainbow Mystic Topaz, Pink Druzy, and the various colours of copper turquoise. Usually you can find a complete set, namely a ring, earrings, and matching pendant, and get all three for less than $20, if you are patient and hold out for auctions that don't already have bidders on them.

They sell their jewelery from their website, but also on eBay, and the prices are extremely reasonable. We're talking about auctions starting at $6.99 and shipping is around $7, plus $1.50 for each extra item. So if you do buy some, it makes sense to get multiple things, even to combine forces with your friends, or to buy some items as gifts, to bring down the per item shipping cost.

The items are excellent quality, well made, and well described in the auction listings. Some of the stones appear brighter in the photographs than they do in real life, but this is true in jewelry stores too, where items in a case have special lighting to bring out all the sparkle and shine. I really like the way they give the measurements of the jewelry in their listings, so you can get an idea how big the ring head is or how long the silver chains are.

Once you win an auction, you have ten days to pay, and trust me, you can buy a ton of jewelry in ten days! After you pay, it takes about ten days for the items to arrive (at least to our home in Eastern Canada). Then you get to wear your new jewelry and start getting compliments on it... Not to mention that the jewelry is real .925 sterling silver, so it's actually an investment as well, and won't get grungy over time. If you want to check out their eBay store, it's at

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