Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Milkshirt

While there are many flattering nursing shirts out there, such as Milkstars Nursing Tops, sometimes you just want to wear your "before" shirts.  What you may not want is to have to lift up your shirt to feed your baby and have a few of those soft squishy belly rolls freed for the world to see.  Even if you're not self conscious about them, it can be cold & breezy with your midsection exposed.  This is where a wonderful invention called the Milkshirt comes in. 

Milkshirt (black)
The Milkshirt is a basic tank top style undershirt, but with a special feature - holes where your breasts are.  Even though it looks kind of silly drying on your clothesline, it looks great while wearing it.  It comes in black or white, and is worn over your nursing bra and under your normal shirt.  The holes are edged/hemmed so that the shirt lies flat under your regular tops.  When I bought them online I was worried that the edges of the holes might show through my shirts, but that hasn't been a problem with most shirts, the only times they do show is if I'm wearing a particularly low cut or V-neck shirt.  I like how they add an extra layer of comfort to your outfit, and they are made of soft breathable cotton.  I do wish they were a bit longer in the waist area, because I find sometimes when I sit down, the back will come untucked from my jeans.  Granted, I tend to wear somewhat lower rise jeans - no "mom jeans" here - so this may not be an issue for everyone.

The Milkshirt sells for about $20, and if you think of how two Milkshirts (one black, one white) can pretty much turn your ENTIRE wardrobe into nursing tops, it is well worth the money.  They can be machine washed & tumble dried, and they seem to hold up really well with repeated washing/drying - no pilling or fading so far.  You can read more about the Milkshirt over at

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